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14+ Beginner Jobs From Home - No Experience Needed

The online jobs listed below are excellent entry-level jobs and can be a good fit for you if you have started searching just now.

If you are looking for more low-stress jobs for beginners, here is a post that shares a lot of options for some fun jobs.


Transcription is an excellent option if you are a beginner looking for no experience jobs. There are many transcription companies out there that will hire you just with your typing skills. That’s something you need to have, at least, if you want to get into transcription.

You can always learn more skills to get better jobs in transcription. The companies that hire newbies in transcription are AccuTran Global, GMR Transcription, Scribie, TranscribeMe!, Ubiqus, and Tigerfish.

Customer Service

Of all the work-at-home roles, customer service roles are the most wanted, because of their flexibility. You have to keep in mind that most customer service jobs require you to be on the phone. 

Many companies offer online customer service roles like Amazon, Apple, Williams Sonoma, LiveOps, Arise, Sutherland, Working Solutions, Sitel, etc.


Online tutoring is another excellent way to start working from home. There are different ways you can work online like teaching specific subjects, ESL tutoring, etc.

Though some of the companies require a formal degree and previous experience in the subjects you are teaching, many recruit beginners.

Education First is an online teaching company that recruits tutors with a TEFL certification, a bachelor’s degree, and some teaching experience. The pay is up to $28 per hour with bonuses when you teach more classes.

With Course Hero, you can create guides, videos, and step-by-step answers and teach online in your area of expertise. No experience is required, but you need to have a BA degree and display expertise in your subject that you will be teaching. The top tutors earn around $500 per week. Sign up here and get started!

You can apply for companies like Qkids, which don’t need any prior teaching experience, and the pay is great ($16–$20/hr)! It hires in the US and Canada.

There are other teaching companies like Cambly, VIPKid, Teach Away (formerly Funbulous), and, which accept tutors online.

Teaching online can be a very rewarding and fun work-at-home job when you’re just starting off.

Data Entry

You can apply for data entry roles at companies like Quicktate, Axion Data, SpeakWrite, Cass Information Systems, and Clickworker. Please keep in mind that data entry jobs are only open occasionally, and you need to apply fast.

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