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Updated: Aug 21, 2021

These jobs offer mainly data entry positions. Before naming them, there are a few skills that can help move you further in your data entry career:

Most data entry jobs require a typing speed of 40 to 50 words per minute with 90 percent accuracy.

Data entry jobs rely on accurately entering information.

Some data entry jobs require you to find information on the internet and use spreadsheets.

You must have familiarity with Microsoft Office tools (Word and Excel)

is a plus. These companies are looking for individuals who are organized and have multi-tasking abilities.

Here are the 5 companies that have proven to provide legitimate data entry jobs online.

The First company is Fiverr.

Fiverr allows you to create your own gigs. So, if data entry is what you’re looking to do, you can create a gig that outlines the types of services you can provide to others. You can start your services at $5 and create add-on packages for buyers to purchase a custom package to meet their needs.

The Second company is Great American Opportunities.

Great American Opportunities focuses on selling fundraisers.

It focuses much of its hiring on its sales team, but also hires independent contractors for seasonal data entry work.

For this opportunity, you’ll be mostly transferring information from magazine order forms into a digital database.

You’ll be paid per form, depending on the type of form. The company pays weekly via direct deposit to your bank account.

The Third company is JobBoy.

JobBoy is a microtask job board website where you can browse, or add your own, small task for free.

Some of the tasks include downloading an app or signing up for a website, but sometimes you’ll find data entry tasks.

The small jobs won’t pay much, but if you have good time management and can complete several within a couple of hours, your compensation will add up quickly.

The Fourth company is Xerox.

Xerox has been opening up several virtual positions in recent years, including data entry specialist positions.

The company will occasionally have openings for data entry/verification, You can check its Xerox@Home page for open positions.

The Fifth company is Upwork.

Upwork is possibly the fastest-growing freelance bidding website, with hundreds to thousands of new jobs posted daily.

Search the Data Entry category for tasks that meet your interests.

Upwork charges a fee per “milestone” completed. But the fee lowers the longer that you remain working with a specific client.

These are 5 of the companies that is highly recommended if you’re serious about making money with data entry.

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