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Companies Offering Online Jobs Worldwide

It is tough to find work-at-home jobs worldwide. This is because most of the online/work-from-home job opportunities are located in countries like the US and Canada.

But this does not mean that you should lose hope on working from home if you are not residing in either of these countries.

In fact, many of my readers are from different parts of the world, and they are very much interested in finding legitimate international job opportunities.

With LiveWorld, you can work as an online moderator, and it recruits from other countries as well as the US. The average pay is around $8 according to You will be moderating forums, social media, etc.

Another moderating platform where you will work as a home moderation expert. You will be managing the social media channels and forums of brands/clients. The pay is around $10 to $18 per hour depending on the country.

This is a company that hires website testers. Website testing is a very flexible way to make money from home, and this company hires testers globally. The basic pay is around $0.50 to $1.00 per minute, but it depends on the length of the test.

You need to have good English speaking skills to apply for this job, and there is a five-minute qualification test after you apply.

This is a worldwide transcription company hiring transcribers globally. Its work schedule is quite flexible, and the pay per audio minute is $0.30 to $0.60. Once you sign up, you will take a five-minute video test to get qualified.

Boldly (formerly Worldwide101)

This is a very famous and well-known virtual assistant company that hires virtual assistants from around the world. Its application process consists of a short test, an interview, and a background check. The average pay is around $18 per hour. 

This company recruits editors in specialized fields like medicine. The role entails editing documents for errors, and this role is ideal if you have a medical background. The company is based out of India.

Though most of the positions are remote in India, the company does occasionally recruit from other countries. You can check its website for the current openings here.

If you love browsing through forums or social media, then you can look at being a moderator at Modsquad. This company regularly hires moderators to moderate forums and social media chats and for communicating with clients on projects. It recruits from all over the world.

This transcription company hires in Canada, and if you have excellent typing skills and have a decent work-at-home setup, you can apply for this role. You will need to take a short transcription test, and though prior experience is not required, it can help.

This tutoring company hires tutors from around the world. You will be teaching general subjects, math, and science. The basic pay is around $10, and you need to have an excellent work-at-home setup with a computer and headphones.

You can apply to be a search engine evaluator or internet assessor with this company. Lionbridge offers roles in many countries other than the US and Canada. Once you put in an application for the position, you will be required to write an exam to get recruited.

Appen is another company that offers translation and search engine evaluation positions worldwide that allow you to work online. Appen recruits workers globally, and you need to check its portal to see if it has any roles open for your country. Different projects have different pay per hour for this company.

If you are bilingual then you can try working for WorldLingo. It is a reputable translation company hiring globally. You will have to sign up on its website and fill in the application. Please keep in mind that you need to have at least five years of translation experience for this role.

This is another global company that hires for roles such as technical support, sales rep, data entry, or editing. The pay is dependent on the type of project. You can apply directly on the website, and you will have to go through an assessment. Another good option if you are searching for real work-at-home jobs.

This company hires mainly in the UK and certain states in the US. You can work in technical support, customer service, or as a sales rep. The pay is around $9 to $10 per hour, and the minimum requirement is a high school diploma, though some positions require you to have prior experience.

If you are bilingual, then you can also try being a freelance translator at This company has a job board that is exclusively for translators and interpreters. You can register and set email alerts so that you receive new translator job updates. This is a global job board, and you can work from anywhere.

This company hires linguists for translator and interpreter assignments. You have to submit your résumé and cover letter, and once suitable projects come up, you will be contacted. This company does require you to have a background in translation to be able to apply for these positions.

This company hires interpreters to work at home in many countries like Canada, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, etc. More countries keep getting added on its website, so keep checking. You can work as an interpreter communicating with doctors, nurses, and patients with this company.

This is a transcription company offering jobs worldwide. If you are a beginner in transcription, then this company is perfect to start off with. It hires freelance transcribers from all over the world. The pay is between $10 to $20 per audio hour, and you will have to take a test before you get hired.

With Capital Typing you can work in the data entry field doing data research, data annotation, etc. You can apply online on the website, and you must pass an assessment test. This is one of the legit companies in the data entry industry.

If you love writing, then you can register for iWriter to find some freelance writing gigs, and it is free. There is no country restriction, and you can apply from anywhere.

Another good platform to find excellent writing opportunities is Contena. You can look for some great credible projects listed on its writing job boards. You can register for free and have a look at the writing gigs, but you need to upgrade to a Pro account to apply for the projects.

This company is quite popular in the work-at-home niche with roles like captioner, transcriber, and translator available. These roles are open worldwide, and you need to pass a test before you get hired. Of the reviews I’ve heard, the captioning test is hard, so you need to be well prepared. The pay is different for all three positions.

This is one of the remote companies that hires worldwide. It regularly advertises customer service positions like “Customer Champion” though they are slightly technical. The company offers great perks for all its remote workers.

Automatic Data Processing(ADP) hires workers globally for positions like sales, technical support, human resources, etc. This is a very popular company offering real online jobs, and it has positions available regularly. The pay is dependent on the type of job you take up, and you will need some prior experience to apply for this company.

If you are a postgraduate and want to make use of your degree, then you can try online tutoring jobs with TutorVista. It hires tutors from many countries, and the role offers a lot of flexibility. Apart from being a postgraduate in your subject, you must be able to commit to at least four hours per day for this role.

With QuickTate, you will be transcribing legal files, memo letters, medical files, and voicemail messages. You will have to take a test to get hired, and there is a background check after you pass the test.

If writing is your thing, you can write articles for Listverse and get paid. It accepts articles from around the world, and though it might be hard to get articles accepted, the pay is good. You get $100 per article as mentioned on the website.

Workforce Logiq (formerly ZeroChaos)

Like Lionbridge, Workforce Logiq (formerly ZeroChaos) hires for positions like ad quality rater where you evaluate ads in search engine results following some guidelines. Though this position gets mostly advertised for US residents, this company also recruits from other countries.

With this company, you will be working as a virtual assistant. The general responsibilities are to attend to client requests as well as perform other team tasks. The basic pay is $10 per hour, and you will have to commit to at least four hours a day. 

Axion Data has data entry projects for workers in the US and India. Though the workflow varies, you can choose the projects when you are in the portal. Not many jobs are listed on the website now, but keep checking to find open roles.

This is a very specific medical-related job company hiring clinical research associates from countries like Australia, Germany, Spain, etc.

Another work-at-home transcription company for worldwide applicants. It pays $0.40 to $0.65 per audio minute. No prior experience is required to apply for this role. You will have to take a test before getting hired.

If you are looking for work-at-home customer service roles in Canada, then you can try U-Haul. The pay is dependent on the type of position you choose. U-Haul has mostly seasonal roles, and you can apply directly on its website.

Another extra income opportunity that is open worldwide is reviewing calls with Humanatic. You will be reviewing the calls and categorizing them with tags. Though the pay is not much, it is very flexible and open globally.

If you are looking for some flexible translation jobs, you can sign up for VerbalizeIt. You can also do transcription jobs with this company. Though it is not clear how much the pay is, you can try applying for this company as it accepts translators worldwide.

This is another translation and transcription company that offers freelance positions worldwide. The rates depend on the type of project, and you can apply for the transcription role directly on its website. You will have to take a test before you get hired.

Website Testing

You can be a website tester for companies like UserTesting, WhatUsersDo, and TestingTime. Website testers earn around $10 per test for a 20- to 30-minute test. You will be testing the functionality of a website in all aspects. You will need a webcam and microphone for this role.


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