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Customer Service & Support OMINI

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Omni Hires Customer Service & Support Agents to Work From Home. As a 1099 gig worker, you can pick your own schedule, and make as much or little as you want!

Omni is looking for customer service-minded gig-workers! As a gig worker with Omni, you are self-employed.

About Omni: Omni is connecting communities of gig workers with the nation’s leading brands to deliver consistent, reliable contact center solutions. They are headquartered in Denver, Colorado. What makes Omni different?

They pay for your  available time! No more wasting time hoping you get a call, at Omni you can ACTUALLY make $14-$16/hr or more!

What work will you be performing?

You'll be providing service for Fortune 500 companies doing a variety of work!

You could be helping senior citizens schedule their COVID Vaccination appointments. helping people who want more information on features. Helping with functions of software, or even taking financial services calls!

You will interact with customers through phone and/or chat, helping them with anything they need!

You will:

Work from home, or any quiet place with a closed door.

Take control of your work life, by choosing when and how often you want to work.

Respond to chats & answer calls from customers.

If customer requests it, you'll also be on video! (Webcam and backdrop provided).

Qualifications: Great communication skills (verbal and written).

Can type 25 Words Per Minute with 90% accuracy.   Must Have solid computer skills, with excellent internet connection. Comfortable empathizing and remaining patient with difficult callers.

Earning Potential:

Projects will have varying pay, but all projects pay for time spent talking on the phone, chatting & assisting callers (unlike other gig companies - Omni pay you for available time!) You may also receive performance-based pay or other incentives. Earn anywhere from $14-$16/hr or more!

As a self-employed 1099 Independent Contractor providing work-from-home customer support services. you are responsible for your own tax obligations. Actual earnings may vary depending on campaign, call type, call volume, and other factors. Independent Contractors are responsible for expenses and control of  their own income.

What’s The Next Step

For Joining Omini? If you want the flexibility and freedom to work for your life. instead of living to work, submit your name and complete their sign up process today!

If you are not ready to register, Sign Up and Connect with Omni for general consideration.

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