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Below is a list of companies that hire for closed captioning jobs to work from home. Some of these companies might not be hiring right now, but please do check the websites for open positions. These companies do require applicants to have a fast typing speed of 60 plus words per minute. There are two types of closed captioning: typing live events which pays very well and typing prerecorded events which pays less. Similar to transcribing and typing but the pay is much higher than both of those jobs.

Rev hires freelance captioners for captioning videos, movies, interviews, etc.

CaptionMax hires work-from-home real-time captioners.

Aberdeen company regularly hires for real-time broadcast captioners.

This company has been around for a long time in the captioning industry and hires remote real-time captioners.

This company hires freelance real-time captioners.

CaptionLabs are always looking for experienced real-time and offline captioners, though only real-time positions are fully remote.

U.S. Captioning Company hires broadcast captioners regularly.

Dotsub is another company that hires freelance captioners. It’s not clear whether it is looking for real-time or offline captioners

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