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Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Today I am giving you an overview of 8 non- phone jobs, that are worth your time. These non phone work from home jobs are considered side hustles or gigs. It is a great way to make some extra income. And with most of these jobs the pay is around $10 per test. These jobs are paid via PayPal. How does Website testing work?

As a website tester you have to go to a website and see the functionality of different sections of that website.

You will be checking to see if everything is working properly on the site.

You will navigate through the website and you are required to speak out about your experience of the website's functionality.

With some testing companies, you might need to use a webcam as well.

Here are 8 companies that hire website testers.

The First One is Userfeel.

You have to answer some basic questions and give a sample test to apply for this role. You get the invites for the website tests through email. They pay $10 for each test, and the payment is through PayPal.

The Second One is Usertesting.

For usertesting, the process is quite simple. You sign up with your details, and after getting approved, you start getting invites for the test. The pay is usually around $10 for a 20-minute video, and the payment is through PayPal.

For this company, you can also test apps along with websites. Although you might need to have an iPad, iPhone or Android devices for the app tests.

The Third One is Whatusersdo.

Another good usability website which is open to international candidates. The sign-up process is simple, once you register, you need to download a screen recorder and give a sample test. The screen recorder records your movements when you are navigating through the websites. You will get invited for tests through email. the pay is $8 per test.


payments are


PayPal. The Fourth One is Userlytics.

With userlytics, you don’t need to take a test before starting to work on websites. Simply sign up, and you get invited to test. This company requires testers to use a webcam. You will record your voice on the microphone during the test. They pay is $10 per test. and you get paid by way of PayPal.

The Fifth One is TrymyUI.

TrymyUI is another good company to start your website testing. The sign-up process is simple, and as with other usability sites, you get invited through email. The pay is $10 per test. You will get paid via PayPal. The test can take around 20 minutes. The benefit of working with this company is, that you can get more tests than some of the other website companies on this list.

The Sixth One is Enroll.

Enroll comes with different usability testings. Enroll is flexible in that it lets you test on any device. You can do a lot of mini tasks with this company. The pay is $10 /test. and you are paid by way of PayPal.

The seventh on the list is Analysia.

You just need to register your details and wait for the invite with this company. The whole sign up process is quite simple, and the pay is $10 per test. The payments are through PayPal. Each test takes up to 15 to 20 minutes. The eighth and last on the list is IntelliZoom. If you are interested in joining IntelliZoom, sign up and answer some profiling questions to help them understand your demographics. After you successfully sign up, you can log in and start taking practice studies. They are designed to test your ability to talk out loud and check your technical set up. and Keep in mind practice studies are not paid. If your practice study results are approved, then you can move on to getting invited for paid studies through email. You can earn around $10 for most of the think out loud studies and you are paid via PayPal. A few things to remember: Website Testing is not a full-time job. Therefore, you may not make a full-time income. But, Website Testing can be a great extra income.

It is also recommended to accept the invites as soon as you get them in your email.

Because the workflow might not be continuous. So if you are interested in website testing, try signing up for as many website testing companies as possible. This will help you get invited for more website tests.

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