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No Phone Work From Home Jobs Pays | Per Task | Per Hour

This is a much requested list of legitimate work at home companies that do not require you to talk to customers over the telephone. Some included in this list pay by the hour and some pay per task or assignment. For these jobs you only need a computer or access to one with excellent internet connection.

Below is a list of 20 brief descriptions of these non phone jobs.

1. . Dash.

Get paid to write articles, for videos, or to be a guide. They pay per article monthly via check in the mail. Video guides will earn $100 up to $350 for every original video 1.5 to 2.5 minute they accept and approve.

2. Adlabs.

Get paid to write articles on topics that interest you. Pays $8 per article via Paypal twice a month.

3. Aria Cards.

Aria Cards is looking for handwriting associates to work from home writing a short note inside cards. Must have legible, cursive handwriting. There maybe on site training and a referral bonus.

4. Bid Ocean.

This is another internet researcher position. It is full-time and you do receive paid training. You will apply for this position online.

5. Clickworker.

Get paid to complete tasks in writing, editing, proofreading and more. Weekly pay.

Hires international workers. Pays per task.

6. Cracked.

Looking for funny and creative people to write and submit articles, photoshops, infographics and videos. Pays


via PayPal.

7. Crowd Source.

Earn money completing simple tasks from home including but not limited to: data entry, writing,

editing, & translating. You will need a Facebook account.

8. Constant Content.

Write and sell your original articles through this company. Pays monthly via Paypal or direct deposit.

9. Ticket Puller.

Get Paid to pull tickets to help fans get the seats they want. You can earn up to $50 per session.

Pays via Paypal. 10. Tigerfish.

Get paid to type recorded speech via written form. Must live in the US. Must have high

speed Internet, telephone, Windows operating system, and be able to download Express Scribe.

11. TrymyUi.

Get paid to test and review websites online. Pays $10 per 15-20 minute tests. via Paypal.


Get paid to tutor students from your home with Must live in the US or Canada. have a

reliable Internet connection, and have a valid social security number.

Chemistry tutors can earn $800 up to $1600 per month part time. Pays monthly. 13. Tutor ABC.

Get paid to teach students English as a second language from home.

Need a 4 year college degree. Pays monthly via Paypal or wire bank transfer. 14. Userlytics.

Get paid to test and review websites. Pays $10 per test. Weekly pay via Paypal.

15. Verbalink Transcription.

Get paid to type and transcribe audio files from home. 16. Verblio.

Get paid to write posts for businesses and earn $8 per post if they accept it.

17. Video Chat Network.

Get paid $100 for one hour of your time to participate in video chats. Must have a webcam, microphone and good Internet connection.

18. Whatusersdo.

Get paid to visit various websites and give your feedback. Open in several countries. Pays via PayPal.

19. Words of Worth.

Get paid to write content on a range of subjects. Pays monthly via Paypal or direct deposit. Accepts US, Canadian, or Australian workers. 20. Cass Info. You will get paid to type in data from home. May have to go onsite for training and then transition to working from home. Get paid to search the web and update the results. Pays $5 to $11 per hour. I will leave the link to this information below in the comment section.

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